A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Being an enabler is a largely unintentional role that bears a lot more responsibility than one might think — and therefore, the power to change.

“Yeah, let’s just this once order a pizza and ‘take a break’”.

Unfortunately, this communication between some very loud eyes would then repeat itself a couple of times a week. Then, every evening. All without a word about the supposed diet we were on at the time.

  • Do you find yourself making excuses for someone else?
  • Do you regularly put your own needs second because someone else needs your attention?
  • Do you suspect or are you aware that the behavior you are seeing is unhealthy or irresponsible?
  • Have you lied (or routinely lie) for someone?
  • Do you regularly ‘let things slide’?



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Sasha Gnjatovic

My main passions are Fitness, Food and Writing. Check out my blog www.brainsbeforebrawn.com for more. Feedback is always appreciated.