What The Water Gave Us

Need more motivation? Grab a glass and ‘tap’ into the ultimate source.

  • Improved Concentration — the brain is the first place where the effects of dehydration happen. Usually manifested by a loss of concentration. Proper hydration helps immensely with alertness and focus.
  • Balanced Moods — multiple studies have established a link between dehydration and mood. Drinking water raises the temperature in the brain and gets rid of toxins and dead cells. It balances cellular functions and processes in the brain to regulate stress and anxiety.
  • Better Sleep — water increases blood flow to that command center in the head, which increases oxygenation. This in turn calms the brain and helps us get a higher quality sleep.
  • Memory Function — when your brain doesn’t receive enough hydration, it becomes tougher to memorize things, infer information, make decisions and create long-term memory. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration impacts short-term memory negatively.
  • Headache Relief — dehydration can trigger headaches and migraines. Drinking water can relieve these issues effectively.



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Sasha Gnjatovic

My main passions are Fitness, Food and Writing. Check out my blog www.brainsbeforebrawn.com for more. Feedback is always appreciated.